Social Media Guide: Zendesk’s 10 Customer Service Best Practices [Infographic]

Zendesk posted this helpful infographic social media guide highlighting 10 customer service best practices for social media customer service. They’ve also provided more information on their post “Building a Customer Service Dream Team.”

3 Important Points from the Social Media Guide

  • The first tips call your attention to the working conditions of your social care agents. According to the infographic, 54% of employees reported that if they didn’t feel appreciated by their manager, they would likely leave their job. This is most noteworthy because many leaders skip agent conditions when considering customer service best practices.

  • Another subject covered in this social media guide is employee appreciation. Today this is made easier by new computer programs. However, it is important to also remember that personal recognition of a job well done can be very impactful for agents. In addition, public recognition of a job well done is very meaningful to the right employee. Being an advocate for your employees and creating a welcoming and comfortable environment really causes them to want to stay with you, and customers feel that.
  • You can also train your social care agents to be experts in their field. This helps make first contact resolution the standard, not the exception. You can get information on how to do that from my post titled Keep Your Social Media Customer Support Staff Informed.

Remember this simple equation: happy agents + simple processes + right tools=fantastic customer experience. Create your own social media guide for your team today!

Here’s to great service!

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10 best practices to improve customer support
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