Impact Learning System’s “What Is Good Customer Service? [Infographic]

This infographic is certainly worth reading. On its face it seems more marketing in nature, but take a closer look. The section on brand loyalty talks about how consumers don’t buy a product or service, but comfort, familiarity, hope. Here’s a true story. When I was growing up, my mother bought Tide and Downey. Now I buy Tide and Downey. I don’t pay much attention to the price, and I’ve never even tried another brand. Why? Because that’s what my mom used, and laundry soap is Tide and Downey. Period. Does my mother still use Tide or Downey? Nope, not really. It’s not that important to her. But, somehow, it resonated with me, and I’m stuck. The important message here is associating your product or service with positive experiences. My positive experience with Tide was my childhood household and mom doing the laundry. Really great customer service can also create those positive experiences, Think about a time when you went to your local grocery store or coffee shop and they greeted you by name or complimented your smile. You felt a little closer to that establishment, right? Food for thought.


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