Customer Support on Blab? Yes.

Customer Service on Blab? Yes. image by Jed Record.

Customer Support on Blab? Yes. image by Jed Record.

Ok, your first question might be “What is Blab?” Let me help. Blab ( is a new platform that lets anyone have their own show. Yes. You can live broadcast your own show on television. You can have up to 4 people on air in separate compartments on screen, have live audience participation, record the whole thing for people to view later. Not only that, but you can tweet to your Twitter fans that your show is about to start live, the audience can tweet that they are watching your show, and you can change the title of your show in the middle of the broadcast as the conversation evolves and tweet out that new title to your followers. Wild! It’s a game changer, in my mind. At the time of this writing the platform is still in beta, but is already interesting. This is Periscope, Meerkat, YouTube, podcasting and old time radio shows all in one.

Well, you know me, I love social media and I think that engaging with customers on social is a necessity. So I on Blab watching Tyler Anderson’s Social Media Social Hour (love it, highly recommend it) and he is great at really listening to his guests and pulling out important details to dive deeper into. He’s also very interested in getting to the live comments coming in from the audience. But I thought to myself that as Blab’s subscriber base grows, it may be challenging for one host to keep up with all the commentary and questions coming in. Hmmm. What to do?

I’m thinking that if you could have a person dedicated to audience participation and tweeting live while you’re recording, you could really get some additional engagement going on. Imagine, while you’re having your talk show about the product/service/topic of importance, as folks are asking questions, a representative from your company could be real-time answering any deep questions, tweeting out talking points for those who can’t attend live, and just generally increasing awareness. They can get the hash tags going, take notes for listeners, and keep track for the host while the host keeps the show going.

So if you are currently podcasting or streaming video, or even just thought about it, check it out, this Blab thing. It’s really neat! And remember that if you’ve got an extra set of hands, you could really maximize that participation and awareness.


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