ProvideSupport’s “Brands Ignoring Consumers on Social Media are in Trouble [Infographic]

So, the numbers are in, and based on 2016 survey data 34.5% of people prefer social media for their customer service channel. That’s according to this new infographic put out by ProvideSupport. This is up from 29% in 2014 as reported in Infograph: Five9’s “Talk to me: Customers Crave Personalized Support in a Social World”  Which means that more than one-third of survey respondents state that if they had their choice, they would prefer to interact with you through social media. It also states that 90% of people surveyed have used social media to communicate directly with a brand. This shows clearly that more and more of your customers want you to engage with them on social media.

Brands Ignoring Consumers on Social Media Are in Trouble [Inforgraphic from Provide Support]



Salesforce Desk’s “7 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service for eCommerce” [Infographic]

In this infograph, Zendesk points out that providing multichannel support is a key factor in ensuring customers shopping online can receive the service they need.

Blast from the Past: QSR Web’s “Restaurant Social Media Top 10” [Infographic]

Posting QSR Web’s infograph titled “Restaurant Social Media Top 10” for two reasons.

  • To show how much social media has evolved. This infograph illustrates the number of likes/followers each brand had on respective platforms in 2012, which isn’t really even used as a key performance indicator by any brand today.
  • To show which restaurant brands were social pioneers! How fun to look back and remember the ones who took the plunge in the early stages.

Restaurant Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]
Restaurant Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]
Compliments of and Foodservice Social Media Universe

Seth Price’s “Small Business Guide to Social Media Mastery” [Infographic]

This infograph does three things for this audience.

  • Shows the small business owner some good tips on generally accepted good practices on social media publishing
  • Highlights that you can stand out from the crowd by simply responding to your customers on social media
  • Gives some great examples of industry thought leaders to follow for additional information’s “14 Customer Experience Facts Marketers Can’t Ignore” [Infographic]

I like this infographic created. Though it’s mentioning marketers, the clear subject matter is how valuable your customers are, and the impact to a company’s bottom line if a customer doesn’t feel appreciated.

14 customer experience facts

Keepify’s 14 Customer Experience Facts Marketers Can’t Ignore [Infographic]

The title says “marketers;” however I believe this infograph by Keepify really speaks to customer experience as a whole. I think the last point is especially interesting: only 12% of current marketing spend is used to to retain customers. Here’s something that is not included in the infograph: some companies spend no marketing dollars at all to tout exceptional customer service. Providing excellent customer support on social media is a great venue in which to showcase your company’s great customer service.

14 customer experience facts

Is Bad Data A Hazard To Your Customer Experience? [Infographic]

I’m hopping the pond (and departments) to bring you a clever and informative infograph from Experian. Sure, they’re measuring in pounds and labeling things as “marketing,” but they clearly illustrate that longer wait times cause customers to leave, which mean you lose business. That ties back to my recent post, Waiting Takes Too Long For Customers. They also discuss accurate targeting, which means getting the right message to the right customer in the right place/time. Getting that targeting wrong leads customers to think you’re not listening to them, which often leads them to assume you don’t care enough to listen. The multichannel marketing lane can cause the same reaction in customers, because they already told you once how they felt/what they wanted, why should they have to tell you again? Good read. Cheers!

Customer Experience infographic

Five9’s “Caring for Customers in a Noisy Social World” [Infographic]

Found this great infograph Five9 shared by Five9. I think it’s critical from an operational perspective to select a tool that allows visibility to traditional call center metrics. These metrics provide valuable insight into what is coming in and how much. Then, once you decide strategically which pieces to answer, it’s great to have the ability to turn the volume on or off.

Social Customer Care Infographic by Five9
Social Customer Care Infographic presented by Five9