To Engage or Not To Engage


Dive (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

So, as a customer support team, how much social engagement should your team participate in? When a customer asks a question, or posts a simple “thank you” to your brand page or Twitter handle, I’m confident that fits in the realm of social customer care. But when a brand releases a proactive engagement post about current events or opinions, should customer support participate?

When I’m staffing, I’m looking for technical support ability. I want a person to be able to completely resolve a technical issue on social media most of the time, without passing the baton to someone else. The ability to address billing issues is important, as well as great written communication skills. And, most importantly, I want someone that treats social media as an escalation path and thinks that the lamest thing they ever heard is “I’m doing it this way because that’s the way it’s always been done. I can’t question process.” So, I think the team I have is stellar.

But to ask for all that, and then also hope that the team I have is trained in the art of social marketing, to be able to engage in a way that will keep a conversation going in the desired direction, I think that may be asking too much. I think that responsibility lies outside of customer support. If a brand engagement post is schedule to deploy, I think marketers should be on hand to run that engagement until the buzz subsides. I mean, what happens if a crisis occurs during this brand post? I hate to say it, but our primary focus is customer experience and support. Also, I feel strongly that I will not ask customer support staff to be responsible for activities they haven’t been fully trained in.

Do you have customer support staff participating in marketing engagement activity?